Parks Canada Bison Plan


The Resources below provide some general information about how wild bison live in other National Parks in Canada and the USA, find safety tips for sharing the land with bison and a lot more. If you find any other resources that you would like to share, send us an email.

Banff National Park - Management Plan:

View the PDF version of the Banff National Park - Management Plan. In particular, note page 38, item, "Reintroduce a breeding population of the extirpated plains bison, a keystone species that has been absent from the park since its establishment. Work with stakeholders and neighbouring jurisdictions to address potential concerns through joint management strategies before reintroduction.

Experiences and knowledge within Parks Canada:

What is the difference between wood bison and plain bison? Curious about disease management and bison in national parks or how Parks Canada handle the bison? Read about the Elk Island National Park experience, near Edmonton, Alberta.

A great example of Bison reintroduction in Canada is the Grasslands National Park, Saskatchewan case. Grasslands National Park imported a small herd of plains bison from Elk Island National Park in December 2005. Learn more about the reintroduction and safety tips for interacting with bison on the landscape here Grassslands National Park.

Parks Canada manages bison in six National Parks and you will find here their resource center on Bison. Read information on bison biology, management, research and more...

Experience in US National Parks:

Yellowstone National Park manages wild bison since the park was established in 1872. They have developed a large selection of resources on bison and visitors.

North American Perspective:

IUCN publication - American Bison: Status Survey and Conservation Guidelines 2010, reports on the current status of American bison, in the wild and in conservation herds, and makes recommendations on how to ensure that the species is conserved for the future. View PDF version: IUCN report and Bison group...

General information:

Canadian Wildlife Federation and the Canadian Wildlife Service join force under Hinterland Who's who to turn Canadians into nature lovers. They have an excellent page describing the bison, its habits and habitat, as well as its conservation status. Check out this educational center...


A Field Guide to Plains Bison

Wes Olson and Johane Janelle, A Field Guide to Plains Bison

Portraits of the Bison

Wes Olson and Johane Janelle (2012) Portraits of the Bison: an illustrated guide to bison society.

American Bison: A Natural Histor

Dale F. Lott, Harry W. Greene (2002) American Bison: A Natural History, University of California Press, 231 pages, ISBN 978-0-520-24062-9