Buffalo Homecoming Celebration!

Parks Canada Bison Plan

Homeward Bison Pale Ale

Homeward Bison Pale Ale

We heard you and got together to co-create a version 2.0 of the Homeward Bison Pale Ale. More than 500 of you tried the first batch and you should go again as this new brew is a community creation.

The HOMEWARD BISON PALE ALE is a fresh, crisp and delicious way to support the return of the wild plains bison (buffalo) to Banff National Park.

Thanks to the Banff Ave Brewing Co., a leader in creating a community focused beer culture, and all the restaurants below, $1 from every bottle sold will go to the Bison Belong initiative in Banff National Park.

Bison Belong supports Parks Canada's efforts to bring the wild plains bison back home to Canada's 1st National Park.

Let's bring the wild plains bison back to Banff!

Visit them these establishments for lunch, dinner or a drink to help bring the bison back to Banff National Park. You can buy off-sale for a gift or a drink at home at the Banff Ave Brewing Co., 110 Banff Ave., 2nd Floor Clocktower Village Mall, Banff, AB.

Visit this page for new events and restaurants serving this unique beer that is supporting the return of bison to Banff National Park.