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Who are the people behind this initiative?

The Eleanor Luxton Historical Foundation decided in 2009 to become engaged in bison restoration in Banff National Park by supporting the creation of a community effort to bring the bison back in the park bringing forward the ecological, cultural and historic values of bison in Banff National Park.

A small team of dedicated people help the Eleanor Luxton Historical Foundation Board of Directors bring the vision to reality.

Marie-Eve Marchand

Marie-Eve Marchand is from Lac St-Jean, Quebec and now lives in Banff, Alberta. She started her conservation work with CPAWS Quebec in 2004. As a former Executive Director of the CPAWS Quebec chapter she helped develop the idea of Wilderness in French "Nature sauvage". She also received the Golden Leaf Award from the Canadian Council on ecological Integrity for the work she led to protect the Dumoine River watershed. She became a CPAWS National Trustee in 2009, and now chairs the National Conservation Committee. She is a member of the World Commission on Protected Areas (IUCN-WPCA). She started to get involve in 2009 in building a social campaign to support the re-introduction efforts from Parks Canada to bring the plains bison back to Banff National Park in Canada as well as working on the Nature Needs Half program with WILD Foundation, USA.

Julia Lynx

Julia Lynx spent 5 months hiking 4300 kms along the PCT from Mexico to Canada in 1994 and later in headed northward along the GDT. Her desire to play a part in preserving large landscapes inspired her work with NGO's and then her own business Loving the Land, dedicated to creating events and workshops that deepen human connections in our world. Julia's degree had an international focus on the environmental, economic and cultural implications of recreation and tourism. Working as a Birth Doula and as a Mother of two young teens Julia holds a very special place inside for the return home of Bison to Banff National Park.

Jolene Brewster

Jolene Brewster is from Banff, Alberta where living in an active, healthy, & inspirational community are the foundation she seeks on a daily basis. She enjoys the harmony of the mountains with skiing in winter and exploring open, sunny meadows with her two favorite horses in summer. Jolene has an education in Land Resource Management, public relations, and 8 years running her own successful business in the Tea industry. Her entrepreneurial spirit is dedicated to the Bison Belong project from deep rooted passion for people, nature, and happiness.

Colin Wallace

Colin Wallace is our web & graphic designer. Originally from the north-east coast of Scotland, Colin now lives and works in Southern Alberta. Having developed a deep appreciation for the stunning beauty of the Bow Valley region from countless climbing, hiking & snowshoe adventures, Colin is proud to be able to promote the goals of Bison Belong through web and print media.

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