Walk along Buffalo Street from the corner of Banff Avenue, come back along the Bow River and complete your stroll in Central Park. On Buffalo Street bison symbols are numerous.
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Please be respectful of local residents' properties.
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Time: 60 minutes.
The core and centre of the town. Shop around, enjoy a refreshment and look for bison symbols. They are many symbols in this commercial district of town from business names, to souvenirs and art pieces.
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All bison images are in free public spaces and may be added on a daily basis. Take a picture of you in front of a bison and share it on Bison Belong Facebook page.
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Time: 45 to 90 minutes.
Visit the following museums to learn more about the bison and Banff National Park. Take photos of yourself, or with friends and bison symbols, and share them on our Bison Belong Facebook page:
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1) Buffalo Luxton Museum - from the perspective of the First Nations.<br />
2) Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies - through their visual arts and history exhibits.<br />
3) Luxton House Museum - from a prominent Banff family.<br />
4) Banff Park Museum National Historic Site - from the natural history of Banff National Park.<br />
5) Bison Courtyard - where locals like to hang out.<br /><br />
Time: Spend about 40 to 90 minutes in each museum, or plan for a whole day of relaxed learning.<br /><br />
* Each museum may charge an entrance fee.
Bison Stroll
When you are standing at the corner of Buffalo Street and Banff Ave., can you count how many symbols of bison are around you?